Even great authors devote part of their time to continue training, because writing is a profession in which you never cease to learn. Liternauts’ books help you practice and improve your writing, in order to become a professional author.

Keys to Becoming a Better Writer

How to Easily Improve Your Writing Skills

Do you dream of becoming a professional writer? Want to increase your writing productivity? Want to discover how to organize your writing, how to write better dialogue or how to create realistic characters? Want to learn how to write short films? Want to know what to do with your manuscript once you have finished writing?

On the occasion of the third anniversary of Literautas’ blog, we have revised our best posts to compile them into a book where we give you the keys to motivate yourself during your writing sessions. Here is a detailed list of what you’ll find in over 200 pages covering all stages of the writing process. An exhaustive writing book that will hopefully help you further improve your writing in an easy and funny way.